Website Designing

Our team offers an all-round affordable website development solutions to our clients. Solutions focused on delivering designs which are fresh, effective & innovative.

Tech-Magneta offers the following Professional Website Development Services

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Website development

The web-design services offered by us are cost effective. We believe in the construct – “Value for Money”. We are 100% sure, that our services will help your business to grow. A well planned website can also help your business reduce its cost of sales & services.

Domain Registration Services

Whether you have a domain name in mind or you cannot decide on a particular domain name, we will help you out & suggest a number of exciting options. We provide good offers & plans for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz,,,,, .in, etc., name anything & we will have a domain registered best suited for your business.

Reliable Web Hosting

We provide powerful & adequate hosting space as well as fast reliable internet connectivity. This ensures that your website loads fast & is easily accessible. We give you a pick between dedicated or shared server solutions. A versatile & speedy server is what you need for a good functioning website. That is exactly what is included in Tech-Magneta’s professional website development services for you.

Clean Responsive Website Design

Now-a-days, viewers are mostly engaged with the internet via handheld devices like mobiles & tablets. Thus, it becomes increasingly necessary that your website consistently draws attention of online viewers across all devices. Our team ensures that by building a clean & responsive website, your business engages in a rich & user fiendly experience.

Client Centric Output

Our main purpose is to work with you & engage in a thorough professional website development process. We intend to understand your business & the information you are trying to convey. Having grasped your business notion, we aim to create the best efficient website matching your needs.

w3c compliant code

The W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C provides the guidelines by which websites and web pages should be structured & created. As a freelance website designing company, we offer websites that do follow these web designing standards.

SEO friendly

We provide SEO support to your website on value-based-packages. With the designing principles, conventions & standards we follow, SEO support can easily be delivered by us, at an affordable & scalable price tag.

Browser Compatibility

There are many browsers available today & everyone’s using a different one. The most popular ones are Firefox, Safari, Chrome & Internet Explorer. It’s important that your website is usable across all major media, whether they are popular browsers, mobile devices or any other web browsing devices. The rules w3C outlines are based on the best practices for website designing.

Website Optimization

Website optimization produces highly competitive web sites that out-perform on every measure. Be it elements like traffic, speed, conversion rates, downloads and most importantly, return on your investment. Our customer oriented & quality-driven approach is what makes us become an outstanding website designing venture here in Mumbai.

Easy to navigate interface

Good navigation is fundamental to good web design. Navigation can be simple or complex; a few main pages or a multi-level architecture. It can also be one set of content for logged-in users & another for logged-out users. It must be well constructed, easy to use & intuitive. Be it any website, users should be able to find information easily. All our professional website development practices converge on this basic approach.

Database Backup & Recovery

Backups can be required in case of any data loss or if a website owner wants a data fetched from an earlier time. At Tech-Magneta, we provide a robust system that can help manage your website data. Be it a client side function or as a website maintainance task on our side, your data is always valued & protected.

Mail Gateway

Professional website development & Affordable website development are the tags we associate Tech-Magneta with. But that’s not just an act of exaggeration. We provide complete website solution to our client. Emails are the best gift of communication of this web era. We provide you with the ability of having mailing system This adds up to your website’s professional credibility.

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