Why Drupal

Fundamentally, we are Freelance Drupal Developers in Mumbai, India.

Tech-Magneta started off as a single person, Drupal freelancer Mumbai based venture. As time passed, more experience was gained, more of Drupal’s raw power was realized, new drupal enthusiast joined in & the website design-development activity was more concentrated onto drupal development.

But why would we choose drupal? Well, let us start with some facts about drupal.

As per Drupal.org -
Drupal is a free software package that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customization.

They like to keep it sweet & simple. Because, the steep-learning curve of drupal scares a lot of developers. Ask any drupal developer in its awesome community & they will agree that Drupal might be tough to learn but once you get a good understanding of the technology, it is then when the real fun begins.

But really - Why Drupal??

Following are features of the Drupal CMS that makes us web geeks/developers love drupal.

Multi-featured & Powerful

Drupal is a powerful CMS at core & with a strong API at its base, is extensible as a Framework. It is extremely multi-featured owing to its modular design, where you can plug in any custom functionality into its system. This enables a drupal developer like me to engage into endless possibilities in web-design & development. What makes Drupal awesome is its power to create websites by starting small and growing virtually without limitations.

Robust & Reliable

Drupal is based upon PHP & My-SQL one of the most commonly used & trusted Web technologies. The source code has been precisely written & designed by Drupal experts. It is actively maintained, tested & improved with time, incorporating more of the latest web design trends. Thus, as freelance drupal developers, this makes drupal a more robust & reliable choice for developing websites.

Scalability & Flexible

Drupal at core is a scalable & flexible piece of software. It gives advance functionality like custom content types, content editing & revision, comments, clean & search-engine friendly URLs, keywords tagging & taxonomy terms, unlimited page creation, user authentication, sessions, content/user permissions and management, blog or forum creation and much more, out of the box. Impressed? Coz, it surely does make me a happy drupal freelancer already.

Open Source

The term “Open source” defines software whose source code is made publicly available. They are eligible for use & modification by users, developers subject to certain conditions. In the case of Drupal, it is under the GNU Public License. It is free to download, use or modify and requires no purchase, license or maintenance fees. Hence as a freelance drupal developer team, we charge only for the development cost of a website & nothing else. So, do get a web design quotation from us.


Drupal coding adheres to strict security rules by Drupal experts and contributors. Hence, its built-in security is strong on code-level. With regards to configuration level security, Drupal offers permissions for users, terms, content, etc. With certain modules, this permission can be extended to atomic levels. There are websites with many signed in users, sites with heavy anonymous traffic, etc built using this technology. As the code & configuration is well maintained, a secure site can easily be implemented. Just Google for sites made in drupal and you will be overwhelmed by the quality & quantity of sites developed using drupal.

Plug-ins: Modules, Themes, Distributions

Drupal is a modular piece of software. Its functionality can be extended by adding modules, themes & distributions. A module is used to add certain functionality. A theme can be used to enhance site design. I as a drupal freelancer tend to use very minimal base themes upon which needed design & functionality can be implemented. Apart from this, Drupal offers distributions, which is drupal inclusive of certain modules/themes readily tailored to deliver certain domain based sites – ecommerce, blogging platform, job portals, etc.

Administration & Organization

Once a site is developed in drupal, it allows website owners to add & modify the content easily, without having to understand HTML or other technologies. It is upon a drupal developer how he/she develops a site that is user-friendly for the website owner. Drupal offers administration & organization of content, users, tagging terms (taxonomy) & comments out of the box. This can be further extended by many other helpful modules.

Support: Community, Documentation, Support Blogs & Forums

Drupal is a community driven technology. Drupal has a persistent & enthusiastic community of thousands of developers, who contribute to the source code (in terms of the core itself further extended by modules & themes), documentation & support for this software. A lot of issues are raised & solutions are provided in the community itself. Due to the huge community support of site-builders, developers & themers, you will always be able to find people to maintain your website.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Development

As the drupal community is at par with the latest design & development trends, mobile-compatibility is one of them. Drupal supports HTML5 & CSS3, which can help achieve great mobile web design-development experience. The availability of many other helpful modules & themes helps us engage in a smooth responsive website development process with your web project that is elegant, secure & looks great across all devices.

SEO Friendly

Drupal has great modules that help you make your site not only user-friendly but captivating to the searching engines as well. Drupal is optimized for building search-engine friendly websites, by including standards-compliant HTML/CSS, dynamic page titles, meta tags, customizable & readable clean-URLs, RDF support, schema.org support, analytics and social media integration for content marketing.

So hire our Drupal development services in Mumbai, India

  • Drupal is robust, solid & can be easily scaled than most other web development technologies out there in the open-source market.
  • Our affordable web development services are based on this open-source nature of drupal wherein there is no hassle about purchasing license or paying maintenance fees for the software.
  • This enables us drupal freelancers to charge only for the design-development costs & channelize our efforts only to produce highly effective & engaging websites that help our clients to build their online presence.