Logo Designing

Tech-Magneta provides Freelance logo design services. A set of creative logo design services to build your brand identity.

A Good Professional Logo Design:

  • A Logo is a pictorial representation of any commercial or non-commercial entity.
  • A Logo is useful for immediate recognition of a business.
  • A Logo is an organization’s signature, a part of a corporate identity.

Creating a professional logo design is one of the most important stages in building brand awareness. It is a logo, which truly resonates, a company’s name with its customers. A good creative logo design seizes attention of the viewers as well. With a memorable & eye catching Logo, a company can attain a real world brand identity.

A Creative Logo Design’s Objective:

The objective of a logo is to act as an identifier as well as a communicator. It should translate a desired thought & generate a desired emotional response for a given brand. It should have a distinct visual identity which leaves a lasting imprint in a customer’s mind. A well-crafted creative logo design will increase recognition for a brand’s image & corporate identity.

Tech-Magneta’s Freelance Logo Design Elements & Offerings:

At Tech-Magneta, "we realize the importance of creating a professional logo design, befitting your business". Our team of experienced logo design & graphic design artists will help You achieve this goal. We offer following logo design services.

  • Symbolic Logos: We can design icon or symbol based images as logos. They are compelling & provide abstract representation of your brand.
  • Wordmark Logos: They incorporate your company name into a uniquely styled type font treatment. They come in thousands of possible variations in shapes, sizes & styles. Each crafty alteration conveys a slightly different impression upon your intended audience.
  • Combination Marks: The most widely used form of logo is combination marks. It is using graphic image & text together to create a unique brand logo. Brief text can complement a symbol, providing clarity as to what your brand is all about.
  • Business Card Design: We also design business cards with our unique creative touch to further strengthen your business branding campaign. A great logo coupled with a sensible presentation of your vital info. That’s how uniquely simple & subtle it should be.

Logo designing is an integral part of our Freelance website design services. However, we also undertake individual logo design projects. This may include our professional logo design services delivered separately at customer request.