Tech-Magneta - A Freelance Web Designer Service in Mumbai, India

In the era of Web 2.0, the internet has redefined businesses across the globe. Today, a website is your doorway to some of the greatest global opportunities. A website is typically dedicated to some particular topic & purpose. It could be the work of an individual, a business or any other element. An online presence to showcase your portfolio across various devices has become a necessity for almost every one today.

Tech-Magneta - A Freelance Website Developer Team

Tech-Magneta is a team of Freelance Web Developers in Mumbai, India that can help you create the website of your dreams. We understand your needs & hence at Tech-Magneta, our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

Working as a collective Freelance web designers we can assist your business, right from creating amazing websites, to Hosting & Maintenance of your website. A captive website that is competitively par with your content updating process. Also, owing to the ever-growing requirement for mobile-friendly sites these days, we also offer mobile website development (responsive website development services). Thus, Tech-Magneta can offer you a wide range of affordable website development services meeting your ever-growing business needs.

Our Motto - "Best, Competitive & Affordable Website Design Services"

"We are a competitive freelance website developer venture in Mumbai. We emphasize on an online existence that conveys just about every bit of user information to the viewers. This motivation helps us create a website that constantly engages online viewers with your business - info, ideas, updates & your recent advancements. This gives your website a presence unlike any other, elevating your business."

Our Philosophy - "The Freelance Approach"

  • Our main purpose is to work with you & engage in a thorough website development process.
  • As a freelance website developer team, we intend to understand your business & the information you are trying to convey.
  • Having grasped your business notion, we aim to create the best efficient website matching your needs.
  • Then translate your website into an object that will attract attention of the masses & give your business a distinct online image.
  • This will make you stand out from the rest making you a genuine business brand on the web.