What is Freelance ..?

“A freelance is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term.”

You may have come across terms like Freelance Web Designer, Website designing, Freelance Logo Designer, etc. The term "freelance" is very common these days. It is a technique of hiring the people for performing different jobs. Freelancers sell or contract their work to a client rather than being employed by a business. Freelancers & clients may form a relationship based on mutual needs. This involves the professionalism & competence of both parties.

Working as a freelance web designer in Mumbai gives following advantages:

  • Enjoy a greater variety of assignments.
  • Usually have more freedom to choose their work schedule.
  • Experience can also lead to a broad & varied portfolio of work.
  • This helps in an establishment of a broad network of clients.

Today, Internet has opened up many freelancing opportunities. It has expanded available global markets & has contributed to service sector growth in many economies, including India. The payment structure of freelancers is based on their performance. Many freelancers have adopted a value-based pricing method based on the perceived value of the results to the client. Simply saying, higher the performance, high is the payment; lower the performance low is the payment. A freelancer also works with one or more other freelancers, forming a "virtual agency" to serve a particular client's needs for short-term & permanent project work.

Who is a Freelance Web Designer?

A freelance web designer is someone that is involved in professional website development business independent of a larger organization. They typically work by themselves and for various clients & agencies. For them, there are a lot of other steps beyond the actual work, such as managing the projects, accounting, sales & marketing. Most freelance website designers typically focus on a specific skill set, such as design & development. For some parts of the project that might go beyond their niche skill set, they may typically bring on other freelancers proficient with that task.

Freelance Website Designing @ Tech-Magneta

We are a team of Freelance website developers located in Mumbai, India. Working as freelance individuals, we specialize in best web design services. With clients we typically take on the full projects at Tech-Magneta. This process involves everything from Logo Designing, Web Designing, Content Creation, CMS Integration to launching the website.

We strongly believe that good website design is only the beginning of an effective website strategy. Our design objective is to always deliver an attractive, concise, easy to navigate website with only the best captive design structures.

Dedication & Resource management are incredibly important. We work alone and for any number of different clients & agencies. Our livelihood depends solely on our ability to get work & complete it in a time-efficiency fashion. After all, our freelance website designing Mumbai is time-value based service & we intend to deliver results worth your money.

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